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Rare Talks: AADC podcast series

Join leading experts as they discuss the latest thinking on AADC deficiency

Each podcast will address key AADC deficiency topics, from the red-flag signs and symptoms, to navigating through the appropriate tests to confirm a diagnosis. Listen to the Rare Talks: AADC podcasts and get up-to-date with the latest developments in AADC deficiency.

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The Rare Talks: AADC podcast series is funded and produced by PTC Therapeutics Ltd. The content of the podcasts is based on the speakers’ expert opinions and professional experiences. Some content discussed in the podcast may be specific to the country the speaker practices in and may vary internationally. This information does not constitute medical advice, always speak to your doctor about any questions you may have.​


GL-AADC-0875 | January 2024


Welcome to AADC Insights

A website for healthcare professionals, provided by PTC Therapeutics

This educational website provides information to support the early and accurate diagnosis of rare neurotransmitter disorders, including AADC deficiency

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