The road less travelled:
Finding a path to diagnosis in rare neurotransmitter disorders


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PTC Therapeutics is committed to providing valuable, expert-led education for healthcare professionals around the world to support the early and accurate diagnosis of rare neurotransmitter disorders, including AADC deficiency.

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Steering Committee



Professor Thomas Opladen
University Children’s Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany

Committee members


Dr Nenad Blau
University Children’s Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany


Professor Agathe Roubertie
CHU de Montpellier - Hôpital Gui de Chauliac, France 


Professor Vincenzo Leuzzi
Sapienza Università di Roma - Sezione di Neuropsichiatria Infantile, Italy


Dr Angeles Garcia Cazorla
Hospital Sant Joan de Déu,  Esplugues, Barcelona, Spain 


Dr Tessa Wassenberg
UZ Brussel,

AADC Insights is an initiative by PTC Therapeutics together with the Steering Committee. All content are suggested and identified by the Steering Committee in collaboration with PTC Therapeutics, based on educational needs within the therapeutic area.

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