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Our latest satellite symposium

Unmasking AADC deficiency: An underdiagnosed and underreported neurometabolic disorder

14th European Paediatric Neurology Society (EPNS) Congress
28 April–2 May 2022

Hear the speakers, Doctor Lucinda Carr, Professor Roser Pons, Professor Simon Heales, and Mr and Mrs Poulin, discuss:

  • The challenges of differential diagnoses in clinical practice
  • How you can facilitate an accurate and early diagnosis, and the key diagnostic tests
  • How to spot the key signs and symptoms of AADC deficiency
  • A caregivers’ experience and understanding the burden of this rare disease with real-world case studies


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Our other congresses

Once registered and verified, view our other presentations from:

14th International Congress of Inborn Errors of Metabolism
21–23 November 2021

  • Rare neurometabolic disorders: A focus on AADC deficiency
  • Dr Wuh-Liang Hwu, Prof. Thomas Opladen, and Prof. Agathe Roubertie

10th Europaediatrics Congress
7–9 October 2021

  • Recognising rare neurometabolic disorders – the journey starts with you
  • Prof. Fatih Ezgü, Prof. Diana Barca, Prof. Mehmet Vural, and Prof. Damjan Osredkar

14th SSIEM Virtual Symposium
17 September 2021

  • Rare disorders of monoamine metabolism: A focus on AADC deficiency
  • Dr Paul Hwu, Prof. Thomas Opladen, and Prof. Agathe Roubertie

34th International Epilepsy Congress
28 August–1 September 2021

  • A practical approach – epilepsy misdiagnosis in clinical practice
  • Prof. Agathe Roubertie, Dr Regina Trollmann, and Mr & Mrs Poulin


GL-AADC-1158 | May 2022

Welcome to AADC Insights

A website for healthcare professionals, provided by PTC Therapeutics

This educational website provides information to support the early and accurate diagnosis of rare neurotransmitter disorders, including AADC deficiency

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